Nubundle Acquires Software to Bring Tech to Fertility Clinics


Chicago startup Nubundle has acquired IP from the University of Michigan to bring more fertility tools and resources to patients going through in-vitro fertilization.

Nubundle announced this week that it has acquired the exclusive license to OnTrack, software developed at the University of Michigan that gives fertility clinics online tools to help patients with their fertility journey. OnTrack’s engagement and medication management software helps patients make sure they’re taking their medications at the right time and they have enough supply to successfully complete their IVF cycle.

IVF patients face the difficult task of administering all of their medications themselves, requiring them to juggle a complex list of oral and injection medication that is time-sensitive and often changes in dosage amount regularly. Most fertility patients have little or no experience using needles and other equipment involved in an IVF cycle, which can make the process even more stressful and confusing. Medication errors affect between 3-15% of patients, which can lead to failed IVF cycles due to wrong doses or running out of medication.

Nubundle aims to simplify things through its software product for clinics, which now includes medication management from OnTrack along with other features it has developed, including live 1-on-1 video fertility coaching and curated educational resources to give patients instant access to IVF-related information.

“Unlike other procedures, these people trying to start families are self-administering their medication,” Nubundle CEO and co-founder John Ciasulli said in an interview. “That is one of the most stressful experiences a patient will report ever going through with any medical procedure. It’s very, very difficult.”

OnTrack was developed by Dr. Michael Lanham, the former medical director of the University of Michigan’s fertility practice. Lanham is joining Nubundle as the startup’s chief medical advisor. Nubundle and Lanham are conducting a clinical trial with OnTrack that is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Nubundle launched in 2018 and raised a $1.5 million seed round led by Lightbank. Its other investors include NFP Ventures, the investment arm of insurance broker NFP, as well as San Francisco-based Village Global. The startup also offers an insurance benefit product that allows employers to give their workers access to family planning and fertility services as an employee benefit.

Ciasulli was formerly the COO of Chicago startup Uptake and was one of its earliest employees.

Nubundle currently offers its product to clinics in Illinois, Texas, Nevada, New York and other states. It has grown to 11 employees, and was one of Chicago Inno’s 19 Startups to Watch in 2019.

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